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Our work at home in Canada is guided by the fact that it is home to more than 250,000 Canadians of various Sri Lankan origins. We recognize that it is important for these multiple communities, especially its youth, to engage and participate in dialogue with each other in a constructive, empathetic and honest manner on issues of mutual interest to the diaspora community in Canada.

We also recognize the importance of the island of Sri Lanka to our shared identity as part of the Canadian multicultural mosaic. Through our programs, we explore ways in which the Sri Lankan Canadian community can directly contribute, in a responsible manner, to the further development of Sri Lanka based on principles of pluralism and equality.

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Kathae Kadai

Remembering July 1983

2011 Spotlight on Sri Lanka

2011 Evening with V.V. Ganeshananthan

2011 Hot Topics: Vasudeva Nanayakkara

2012 Hot Topics: Sri Lanka Unites

2012 Samadhana Benefit Reading Series: First Session

2012 FOTOtalk

2012 Samadhana Benefit Reading Series: Second Session

2012 Samadhana Benefit Reading Series: Third Session

2012 Samadhana Benefit Reading Series: Fourth Session

2012 Samadhana Benefit Reading Series: Fifth Session

2012 Canada – Sri Lanka Relations: What Comes Next?

2012 Canada Sri Lanka Relations

2013 The Effects of Conflict

2013 The Role of Media in Rebuilding Sri Lanka

2013 Dialogue Through Art

2013 Remembering After the War

2013 Creative Writing Workshop I

2013 Creative Writing Workshop II

2013 Lasantha Wickrematunge Memorial Lecture

2013 We Remember October 1990

2013 Sri Lanka in Film

2014 Creative Writing Workshop III

2014 Creative Writing Workshop IV

2014 Dialogue Through Dance

2014 Toronto Mayoral Elections Debate

2010 Roots for Reconciliation

2011 Buddhist Temple Interfaith Tour

2011 Synagogue Interfaith Tour

2011 Hot Topics: Launch

2011 Roots for Reconciliation

2012 Understanding Islam

2012 Six-a-Side Softball Cricket Tournament

2013 Hot Topics: Hon. Jason Kenney

2013 Cricket Coaching Camp

2013 Satyam Sivam Sundaram

2014 Cricket Coaching Workshop

2014 Practical Buddhism

2014 The Sufi Path

2014 Hot Topics: Tropical Desserts Workshop

2014 Open Mic Night with JehanR

2014 Herstories

2010 Young Professionals Networking Event

2013 Cross Cultural Professional Networking

2014 Young Leaders in Dialogue

2012 Reconciliation: I’Mpossible?